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The image of a modern successful man is not only an expensive car, a well-paid job and a phone of the latest model. It is also a pleasant appearance, excellent skin condition. And it is for this aspect that professional cosmetics are responsible. Successful men are not ashamed to use creams, fluids, and serums.

After all, full-fledged skincare begins with good cosmetics. And this is completely normal in today’s world. Yes, men’s skin is different from women’s. But it also requires comprehensive care. You just need to know how to choose good cosmetics.

After shave balm.

Men’s aftershave balm is a must-have item. Ideal in combination with a product from one collection, in addition to shaving cream or gel. Mixed flavors can give an unpredictable sillage when mixed. It is better to use harmonious series from beauticians of the same brand.

Soothe inflamed skin, get rid of irritation or dryness, make the face look rested and well-groomed – these are the buyer’s requests when choosing a balm option. Of course, manufacturers try to take into account all the points, but skincare products are selected individually.

A man whose face is not irritated after the shaving process has correctly identified the balm. He is not worried about the unpleasant sensations associated with discomfort and distracting from the successful pursuit of the goal.

Useful gel for men for all skin types.

Although some men still do not see the difference between shower gel and ordinary soap, cosmetic brands do not intend to give up and are putting on the market more and more products designed specifically for men – not only care products, but also decorative ones. We offer different types of gels for men.

The best creams for men.

Men’s face creams, contrary to popular belief, are not an invention of marketers, but a scientifically grounded category of products. Because men’s skin really needs special care.

As a result, men’s skin becomes more porous, oily, prone to clogged pores and comedones. Men’s skin is denser due to more collagen fibers. ” Due to the nature of the structure of the skin, men prefer non-greasy and light textures that do not contain oils at all or contain them in small quantities.

Deodorants for men.

Deodorant is one of the most controversial products in the men’s cosmetics industry. On the one hand, store shelves are bursting with a variety of packaging. On the other hand, it is very difficult to find what is right for you, and often buyers make a choice based solely on the scent they like and then do not change it for years.

Deodorant is a classic anti-odor product. Deodorants often contain triclosan, farnesol, and (not always) alcohol. These substances are powerful antibacterial and antifungal agents. To improve the effectiveness of the product, manufacturers also add perfumery fragrance and moisturizing ingredients, since alcohol can dry out the skin a lot.

Shampoos for men.

Interestingly, the problem of choosing men’s shampoos is more often preoccupied with women who pick them up as a gift to her husband, friend, brother. Men, on the other hand, mostly use what is on the shelf in the bathroom.
So is there a difference between washing the hair of the stronger sex, and how to choose a shampoo for a man?

When creating men’s shampoos, manufacturers use the average data that the scalp of men is thicker and has a slightly different acidity than that of women, and the sebaceous glands work more actively, causing increased oily hair and dandruff.
Men after 30 years old should pay attention to strengthening shampoos, which will give the hair strength and slow down its loss. 

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