Ancient Wisdom Incense cones Flowing smoke long Mix of scents approx. 70 pcs


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7 different colors and scents:

Pink – Rose
Red – Lily
Yellow – Jasmine
Purple – Lavender
Green – Green Tea
Brown – Sandalwood
Orange – Patchouli
These Scent Cones are made in China.

These incenses with reverse smoke will create a pleasant harmony in your home and help you to relax better with their floral scent.

The smoke from the cone penetrates from below, like a white ribbon, thanks to modified mechanics. If you place the backflow incense in a suitable censer (e.g. a backflow censer), the smoke from the incense will flow down the censer like a misty stream of water.

The scent of these incenses is deliberately not too sharp, it is soft, soothing, not too strong, so it helps to relax better.

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