CURAZINK hard capsules, 100 pcs


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• Optimal zinc supply with only 1 capsule (15 mg zinc) daily!
• Unique active ingredient complex [zinc histidine] for good bioavailability
• Strengthens a weakened immune system in the event of a zinc deficiency
• Dampen excessive reactions, e.g. B. for hay fever
• The trace element zinc is essential for healthy human development, for growth and for a strong immune system

A zinc deficiency can increase the risk of infection – especially in the cold season, a sufficient zinc status is important for the optimal functioning of the immune system. However, a zinc deficiency should also be treated in the summer: during the allergy season, a zinc deficiency can intensify the allergic symptoms.

Healthy skin, full hair and strong fingernails depend, among other things, on an adequate zinc status in the body, as do the senses of smell and taste.

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Zinc;Zinc deficiency;Joint pain;Brittle bones;Non prescription;Immunity

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