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Even if the percentage of defects in the delivered goods is small, it is good to know that we will solve any defects without delay and to your satisfaction. It’s in our interest to resolve everything as quickly as possible, so you don’t have to worry about waiting longer than necessary (usually everything is resolved within a few days).

Registered customers have the option to return products directly in their customer account. 

How should I complain?

If you decide to complain about the goods, send them to the address


46 SW. FILIPA 9/2
31-150 KRAKOW
NIP 6762621212
REGON 522484838

together with the completed complaint form, which you can find here.

Registered customers have the option to return products directly in their customer account. Simply select the products you want to claim in the My Orders section. You can send the products by post or bring them to any branch. You can also track the status of your return request in your account.

You can also claim goods in person at our stores. If you are filling out the form without the help of our staff, do not forget to state what you see as a defect in the goods or how the defect manifests itself, or a request for the method of handling.

We will inform you in writing about the progress of the claim, especially about its acceptance, processing or rejection, via e-mail or text messages. We can also contact you by phone

We will decide on the complaint without delay. The processing of the complaint, including the removal of the defect, will usually not take longer than 30 days. Otherwise, you are entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract. In order to meet the stated deadline, it is essential that you provide the necessary cooperation.

When can I complain?

We are responsible for defects that the goods have upon delivery and that will manifest themselves in the following 24 months. However, we are not responsible for newly created defects, especially if they were caused by inappropriate use. For used goods, we are not responsible for defects corresponding to the degree of use or wear and tear that the used goods had when you took them over. In the case of goods with a marked shelf life, we are also responsible for the fact that the goods will be suitable for use during this period.

Please note that increased sensitivity or a case of an allergic reaction to the delivered goods cannot be considered as a defect of the goods in itself. In the same way, deficiencies in gifts and other free services that we provide beyond the scope of your order cannot be considered a defect in the goods. The images of the goods in our online store are illustrative in nature and do not represent a binding representation of the properties of the goods (the packaging of the goods may differ, for example, due to a change in the packaging by the manufacturer).

What rights do I have in the event of a complaint?

In the event of a product defect, we can jointly agree on compensation in the form of a voucher.

Furthermore, you are entitled to request the removal of the defect through replacement delivery or repair.

If such removal of the defect would be impossible or unreasonable for us, you are entitled to request a discount from the purchase price. In this case, you keep the goods and we will refund part of the purchase price.

If it is also a significant defect, you can withdraw from the purchase contract. In this case, send the goods back to us and we will reimburse you the entire purchase price.


We will be happy to answer any questions regarding complaints if you contact us at

e-mail or call +48 792 539 705.

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