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  1. Our Healthapo online store is open 24/7
  2. We have our own warehouses in the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and France, for fast
    delivery of orders
  3. Favorable prices and constant discounts for all product groups
  4. In the shortest possible time, we search and deliver scarce and rare goods
  5. From 9.00-20.00 you can get advice from our professional specialists
  6. We deliver health and wellness products worldwide, 185 countries

Our Service

We can find and ship any Medical products, Medicines, Supplements, Medical Cosmetics, Vitamins, And much more to:

Wherever you want

Whenever you want

From any country

How does it work?

  1. You can simply buy anything via our marketplace or global price list.

  2. Add what you want to cart and proceed to checkout.

  3. Fill out all the necessary info (payment, delivery)

Buying products yourself

  • In case you want to buy products yourself, but can’t figure out how to ship them internationally, we can help! Bring or send the products directly to our warehouses. Short list of our warehouse: Poland • Germany • Czechia • France • America • Ukraine • Norway • Italy • Spain • Portugal • Armenia • Georgia • Russia. Then we will arrange your packaging and send it wherever needed.

Specific wish

  • If you need to buy medical products in a specific place, our employees will buy everything you need and ship it to you.

Prescription medicines

  • If you need prescription medications, Helthapo will help you obtain European prescriptions, buy and send you medications. 
  • You are required to provide your doctors prescription (we will then work on it) send your application and your doctors prescription.
  • Helthapo can help you get a prescription in the EU (Germany, Poland, France, Czechia) you need to send your photo of the original prescription. Submit your application. The following information must be indicated*:
    • Patient information*
    • Date*
    • Doctors information*
    • Information about medicine*
  • Special courier work!!! In EU countries, purchasing, packaging, shipping. You can write your wishes, what questions and tasks need to be solved. The approach is purely individual. Contact us via form or directly to following email address:

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