APONORM Inhalator Nano Year Pack, 1 pcs


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Especially plastic parts such as suturing unit, mouthpiece and With regular use and subsequent cleaning, masks are subject to certain wear. In order to ensure the flawless function of the nebulizer and effectiveness of the treatment, it is recommended to the above. To check the accessories and the filter regularly and to replace at least once a year.

If several people use the inhalator, it is recommended for each user their own set. The practical Year Pack contains all relevant individual parts.

Included in the year pack are:
1 x Aponorm nano fuzling unit including atomizer
1 x Aponorm nano adult mask
1 x Aponorm nano children’s mask
1 x Aponorm nano mouthpiece
1x Aponorm nano nose piece
1 x Aponorm nano air hose
5 x Aponorm nano replacement filter

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