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The statistics are inexorable: 90% of people over the age of 70 fall ill with one of five problems:

heart problems, for example heart attacks, high blood pressure – over 70% of people
problems with joints and bones, for example arthrosis, osteoporosis – over 40%
diabetes – over 15%
incontinence – over 15%
problems of a more psychological nature, especially dementia (mainly Alzheimer’s disease) – over 15%
The statistic, possibly terrifying for some, had to be recalled. The goal is to realize that the real threat of a serious disease in old age threatens nine out of ten people! That’s the reality. But let’s continue to be optimistic. For example, in the fact that even the above-mentioned serious illness can also have a weak form, which will allow you to live your old age actively and with dignity. Or in the fact that a lot can be done with all the mentioned problems as a preventive measure. After all, that’s what this set is for.

It is worth reminding that “just” deep quality relaxation with the help of the AVS device successfully prevents many different problems. During deep regular relaxation, especially at a brain wave frequency of 10 Hz and below, all immune factors increase significantly. The proportion of white blood cells that take care of immunity will increase by one percent in deep relaxation, for example. According to some sources, in the relaxation level of the brain wave frequency of 8-10 Hz, a new disease cannot arise at all, and the existing one does not develop. After all, many users report from their own experience that “ordinary” relaxation (with the AVS device) has freed them from lifelong problems such as respiratory diseases, asthma, allergies, rheumatism, tinnitus, insomnia and others. This Kit follows on from many high-quality medical programs of AVS devices and is a specialized medical superstructure of Laxman ready-to-wear programs.

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