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Problems: Insomnia


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Hoggar® Night is a suitable, well-tolerated and quick aid for acute sleep disorders. Hoggar® Night contains the active ingredient doxylamine, an anti-histamine.
This inhibits the influence of the body’s own waking substance histamine on the body and thus ensures a restful night. Hoggar® Night has a duration of action of approx. 3-6 hours.
If taken about 1 hour before going to bed and a sufficient sleep duration of 7 to 8 hours, there is usually no risk of impairment such as hangover or reduced performance the next day. On the contrary: a restful sleep makes you feel more alert and fresher the next morning.

Benefits of Hoggar® Night:
• Rapid onset of action after just 30 minutes
• Better sleep through
• Ensures a good night’s sleep
• Works from the first application
• Good compatibility
• No hangover the next day (if you sleep appropriately)
• Not physically dependent

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Head, memory, sleep;Non prescription;Insomnia

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