WICK MediNait cold syrup for the night, 90 ml


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It’s a soothing nighttime syrup that lowers your temperature, fights pain and relieves runny nose. It relieves a sore throat and takes away the nagging urge to cough without suppressing the necessary expectoration. To make you feel better when you wake up than when you fell asleep, WICK MediNait cold syrup for the night fights cold symptoms while you sleep.

The total dose should not be exceeded without consulting a doctor or pharmacist.

Duration of use?
Without medical advice, you should only use the drug for a few days and not in higher doses. In case of high fever, signs of secondary infection or persistence of symptoms for more than 3 days, the doctor must be consulted.

Product properties

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Temperature and fever;Cough;Runny nose;Sneezing;Non prescription

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