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A sore throat Abdominal distention Abdominal injury Abdominal pain Abrasions Abscesses Absent-mindedness Acceleration of rehabilitation Aches in muscles and joint Aches in muscles and joints Aches in muscles and joints;Atherosclerosis Aches in muscles and joints;Colds;Stress Aches in muscles and joints;Facial pressure Aches in muscles and joints;Joint pain; Aches in muscles and joints;Nervousness Acid Reflux Acne Acne and rashes Acne vulgaris Acne-prone skin Acne-prone skin;Problematic skin Acne-prone skin;Skin problem;Skin cleansing Acne,oily skin,Aging skin Acne;Aging;Wrinkles Acne;Oily skin Acne;Wrinkles;Skin problem Acromegaly Actinomycosis Active lifestyle Acute bronchitis Acute conjunctivitis Acute leukemia Acute pai+A12:F13n Acute pain Acute pain;Acute rheumatism;Pain Acute respiratory diseases Acute rheumatism Addiction Adenoids Adenoma Adnexitis Adrenogenital syndrome Aging Aging Skin Aging;Skin elasticity Aging;Wrinkles;Skin elasticity Airways Akne Alcoholism Alcoholism;Addiction Alcoholism;Addiction;Neurology Alergia Alergic Alergic skin Alergik skin Alergy All hair types All skin types All skin types;Anti age All skin types;Massage All skin types;Problematic skin;Acne Allergia Allergic conjunctivitis Allergic dermatitis Allergic reactions Allergic rhinitis Allergic rhinitis;Hives;Atopic dermatitis;Skin itching Allergic rhinitis;Hives;Itching Allergic skin Allergic skin,Atopic skin,Dry skin Allergic skin,Hypersensitive skin Allergic skin;Hypersensitive skin;Excessive dryness Allergic skin;Skin elasticity;Excessive dryness;Skin elasticity Allergies Allergies;Vitamin C deficiency Allergy Allergy to animals Allergy to drugs Allergy to food Allergy to insect bites Allergy to insect stings Allergy to medicines Allergy;Decreased immunity Allergy;Low immunity Allergy>Atopic dermatitis Aloe Vera Enriched Alopecia Alternative nutritional supplements Anal fissures. Anemia Angina Angina pectoris Ankylosis… Anorexia Anorexia;anti-cellulite;Weight loss Anorexia;anti-cellulite;Weight loss;sensitive skin Anti age Anti age;Exfoliation;Cellulite Anti age;Wrinkles Anti Pain External use Anti sge;Dry skin;Sensitive skin Anti- redness Anti-Aging Anti-Aging, Detoxification, Anti-allergic, Protect the liver Anti-Blue Light Anti-hair loss Anti-inflammatory Anti-Smoking Anti-swelling Anti-wrinkle Anti-wrinkles Antiagin Antibacterial Antifungal Antifungal agents;Bruises Antifungal;Candidiasis Antifungal>Mycoses Antimicrobial;skin problems;Aches & Pains, Antiseptics Antiviral Anxiety Anxiety,Menopause Anxiety,Sleep disorders Anxiety;Sleep disorders;Insomnia Aortic aneurysm Aortic aneurysm;Atherosclerosis;Acute rheumatism Apathetic Aphrodisiacs Aphthosis stomatitis Appetite Appetite control Appetite curb Applying makeup Arm hair removal Arms Aromatherapy Arrhythmia Arrhythmias Arterial hypertension Arterial hypertension;Heart diseases Arterial hypertension;Myocardial infarction Arterial hypertension;Myocardial infarction;Stroke Arthritis Arthritis;Myositis;Bruises Arthrosis Articular cartilage Artificial nails ARVI Ascites Asking repetitive questions Aspergillosis Asthenic condition Asthenic syndrome Asthma Astigmatism Astma Atherosclerosis Atherosclerosis;Myocardial infarction Atherosclerosis;Myocardial infarction;Decreased blood pressure; Athlete's foot Atipic dermatitis Atipic ekzema Atipic skin Atipical skin Atopic dermatitis Atopic dermatitis,Dry skin Atopic dermatitis;Dry skin;Itching Atopic scalp Atopic skin Atopic skin;Excessive dryness Atopic skin;Flaking Atopic skin;Problematic skin Atopic-Prone Skin Atopy-prone skin Atrial fibrillation Atrioventricular block Atrophic vaginitis Attention Atypical skin Autism Avitaminisis D Avitaminosis Avitaminosis B Avitaminosis B6,Deficite Mg Avitaminosis C Avitaminosis Cs Avitaminosis D Avitaminosis Mg Avitaminosis;Aches in muscles and joints Avitaminosis;Brittle bones;Atherosclerosis Avitaminosis;Chronic fatigue;Weakness


B12 deficiency Baby colic Back pain Backache Backache;Osteoarticular pain;Neuropathic pain Bacteria;Dry air Bacterial Infections Bacterial vaginosis Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Bad breath Bad dream Bad feeling Bad habits bad memory Bad smells Bags under the eyes Balanced hormonal balance Balanitis Baldness Barley on the eye Beauty and health Bed bugs before injection before minor surgery Binge eating Biotin deficiency Birth trauma Bite Bites Black spots on face Blackheads Blackheads,Acne Blackheads;Sebum;Pores Bladder cancer Bleeding Blepharitis Blindness Bloating Blood Blood circulation Blood circulation in the muscle Blood circulation;Foot pain Blood circulattion Blood clots Blood health Blood in urine Blood in urine (hematuria) Blood production Blood Sugar Control Blood sugar levels Blood sugar support Blood vessel health;Bones health Blood vessel health;Healthy immune function Body Body ailments;Hair problem Body cleanliness Body fat Body hygiene;For body;Skin problem Body lice Body odor;Bad breath Body odors;Aging Body's cleansing process,Weight loss Bone and muscle pain Bone health Bone pain Bones Bones and Joints Bones health Bones health;Cellular Energy Bones joints Boosting immunity Boric acid Brain cell activity Brain cell communication;Brain health Brain cell membranes Brain development in babies Brain function Brain function problem Brain function problem;Low immunity;Problems with concentration Brain function problem;Memory loss Brain function problem;Vascular constriction Brain function problem;Vision problem Brain function problem;Vision problem;Nervousness Brain health Brain hemorrhages Breast Health Breast pumps Breastfeeding Breathing Breathing, respiratory tract Breathing, respiratory tract; Nasal congestion;Trouble breathing; Breathing, respiratory tract;Bronchitis;Cough;Chills Breathing, respiratory tract;Cough;Runny nose Breathing, respiratory tract;Runny nose;Sneezing Breathlessness Breathlessness;immune system;Eating disorders Brightening Brittle bones Brittle bones,Joint pain Brittle bones;Digestive problem;Nervousness Brittle bones;Fatigue Brittle bones;Fatigue;Excess weight Brittle bones;Hair loss;Loss of appetite Brittle bones;immune system Brittle bones;Joint pain;Weak teeth Brittle bones;Low immunity; Brittle bones;Low immunity;Joint pain Brittle bones;Low immunity;Muscle pain;Vitamin D deficiency Brittle bones;Low immunity;Vitamin D deficiency Brittle bones;Muscle bones Brittle bones;Muscle pain Brittle bones;Pain in bones and muscles Brittle bones;Vitamin C deficiency;Low immunity Brittle bones;Vitamin D deficiency Brittle bones;Vitamin D deficiency;Fatigue Brittle bones;Vitamin D deficiency;Low immunity Brittle bones;Vitamin D deficiency;Muscle pain; Brittle bones;Vitamin K deficiency Brittle bones;Weak teeth Brittle hair Brittle nails Brittle nails;Fragility hair Brittle nails;Fragility hair loss Brittle nails;Hair problem Brittle nails;Lamination and white spots on the nails Brittle nails;Skin tone Brittle, Short eyelashes Broad-Spectrum Protection Bronchial asthma Bronchitis Bronchitis;Whooping cough;Cough Bruises Bruises;Stretch marks;Myositis Bsody cleansing Building the muscles Bulimia Bunions Burn Burn colories Burning Burning Calories Burning pain during urination Burning pain during urination; Urinary tract infections Burning pain during urination; Urinary tract infections;Urination disorders Burns Burns;Scars Burns:Allergic reactions Burns:Allergic reactions:Excessive dryness


Ca deficiency Calcium Calcium deficiency Calcium deficiency;Fatigue;Brittle bones Calcium deficiency;Low immunity;Fatigue Calloused skin;Dead skin Callused nails Calluses Calluses;Corns and old calluses;Warts Calluses;Nail shape Calming Calorie burning Cancer of the body of the uterus Candida Candidiasis Canker Sores Capillary fragility Capillary fragility;Decreased sensitivity; Capillary fragility;Venous insufficiency Capillary permeability Cardiology Cardiology,Heart diseases Cardiology>Heart failure Cardiomyopathy Cardiovascular disease Cardiovascular health;Dental health Cardiovascular health;Neurologic health Cardiovascular system Cardiovascular system; Cholesterolosis; Metabolic syndrome Cardiovascular system; Heart problems; Heart diseases; Heart failure Cardiovascular system; Immune system; Low immunity; Heart problems Care (hygiene) Care (hygiene)>Arms Care (hygiene)>Face Care (hygiene)>For kids Care (hygiene)>Hair Care (hygiene)>Legs Care (hygiene)>Sun protection Care (hygiene)>Teeth Caries Caries,Periodontitis Caries;Gingivitis Caries;Tooth sensitivity;Dental calculus Cartilage Cataract Cell health Cell structure Cells weakness; Tissue weakness Celluiite Cellular energy production Cellular immunity Cellulite Cellulite;Skin problem Cervical cancer Cervical erosion Cervicitis Change in taste preferences Change in urine color Changes in mood, depression and/or anxiety Changes in the regularity and course of the menstrual cycle, ending with the cessation of menstruation Chapped lips Chapped skin Chest pain Chesty cough Chicken pox Childbirth Childhood diseases Childhood diseases>Allergic dermatitis Children's health Chilliness Chills Chipping;Thin nails Chlamydia Choking attacks Cholangitis Cholecystitis Cholelithiasis Cholesterol Cholesterolosis Cholesterolosis; Blood; Viral gastroenteritis (gastric flu) Cholesterolosis; Circulation; Oxidative stress Cholesterolosis; High blood glucose levels Cholesterolosis; Low immunity; Decreased immunity Cholesterolosis;For skin Cholesterolosis;High glucose level;Blood sugar support Cholesterolosis;immune system Cholesterosis Chorioretinitis Chromium deficiency Chromomycosis Chronic cholecystitis Chronic conjunctivitis Chronic constipation; Intestinal problems;Constipation;Indigestion Chronic constipation;Intestinal problems;Constipation;Indigestion Chronic fatigue Chronic fatigue;Avitaminosis;Weakness Chronic inflammatory diseases Chronic leukemia Chronic pain Chronic proctitis Chronic venous insufficiency Chronic viral infections (hepatitis, HIV infection) Circulation Circulation;Back stress Circulation;Leg pain; Circulatory disorders Circulatory system Cirrhosis of the liver Cirrhosis of the liver;Cholangitis Clarity Cleaning glasses Cleaning interdental spaces. Cleansing the body Clicking knuckles Cochliomiasis Cognitive function Cognitive function problem Cognitive health Cognitive impairment Cold Colds Colds;Sore throat;Headache Colic Colic;Diarrhea;Constipation;Vomit;Nausea Collagen Collagen loss Collagen Production Collagen,Skin elasticity Collagen,Wrinkles Collagen;Cells protection Collagen;Skin aging;Skin elasticity;Collagen loss Collagen;Skin elasticity;Sensitive skin; Collagn;Cells protection Collagren Colon cancer Color-Treated Hair Coloured hair Colpitis Combination skin Combination skin;Excessive dryness Combination skin;Rough hands Combing hair Comfort Complications of measles Computer radiation protection. Relieves eye fatigue, headaches, sleep problems Concentrated Care Concentrated Regeneration Concentration Conception Condoms Confusion Congenital heart defects Conjunctivitis Constant feeling of physical and psychological fatigue Constant state of weakness Constant strong thirst Constipation Constipation and diarrhea Constipation or diarrhea Constipation or diarrhea;Immune system Constipation or stomach upset Constipation;Flatulence Constipation;Vomit;Nausea Contraception Contraceptives Contusions Convulsions Convulsions; Leg pain; Edema; Trophic ulcers Cooling Coriander Corneal injuries Corns and old calluses Coronary heart disease Cosmetics Cosmetics;For men;For body Cough Cough and sputum Cough and sputum:Sore throat Cough;Cough and sputum;Whooping cough Cough;Whooping cough Cough;Whooping cough;Cough and sputum Cracked feet Cracked hands;Dry hands Cracked lip Cracked lip skin Cracked lips Cracked lips;Damaged nails;Hair loss Cracked lips;Dry lips Cracked nipples. Cracked skin Cracked skin;Problematic skin Cracked skin;Scars;Cracked skin Cracked skin;Scars;Cracked skin;Excessive dryness Cracks Cratches, Cuts Crohn's disease Cronchial Cross-country skiing goggles Croup Csracked heel skin. Cumin curly hair Cuticles;Dry hands Cuts Cutting and burning pain during urination Cutting the plaster Cystic fibrosis Cystitis Cystitis; Ueritis Cystitis; Ueritis; Bronchitis Cystitis;Prostatitis Cystitis;Urinary tract infections


Daily care Daily Clarity Daily Comfort Daily Hydration Daily Nourishment Daily Relief Damage Damaged hair Damaged hair;Roughness Damaged hair;Split ends Damaged hands Damaged lips Damaged muscles;Knee pain Damaged nails Damaged nails;Oily hair;Skin itching Damaged skin dandruf Dandruff Dandruff,Sensitive skin Dandruff;Damaged hair;Split ends Dandruff;Hair loss Danfruff Darc circles under the eyes Dark circles dark circles under the eyes Dark circles,Bags under the eyes Dark circles;Hydration Dark circles;Puffiness Dark Cirles Dark spots Darkening of the eyes Darmgrippe Day Renewal Daytime Protection Dead skin Dead skin;Nails care;Face care Dead skin;Rough surface Decrease in intelligence Decreased appetite Decreased attention Decreased attention;Fatigue;Muscle pain Decreased attentionHeart diseases Decreased blood pressure Decreased fetal movement activity Decreased hearing and sense of smell Decreased immunity Decreased immunity in pregnant women Decreased libido Decreased mobility Decreased performance Decreased sensitivity Decreased sensitivity of the limbs Decreased sensitivity; The appearance of mesh, stars; Decreased urine volume Decreasing sexual desire decreasing sexual desire;For couples; Decreasing sexual desire;Maintains performance;Increasing muscle strength Ded bugs Deep Nourishment Deep vein thrombosis Deficiency Ca Deficiency K Deficiency K,Mg Deficiency magnesium Deficiency of healthy food Deficient magic Deficit Ca Deficit Ca,K Mg,Zn Deficit Ca,MG P Degenerative diseases Degenerative diseases of the retina Dehidrated skin Dehydrated Dehydrated skin Dehydration Dehydration skin Delicate skin Demencia Dementia Demodicosis Dental calculus Dental caries Dental plaque Dental plaque;Dental calculus Dental plaque;Dental calculus;Gingivitis Dental plaque;Dental calculus;Tooth sensitivity Dental plaques Denture break Denture Cleaning Depressed mood Depression Depression;Deterioration of mood Depression;Increased anxiety;Panic attacks DepressionStress Dermatitis Dermatitis Relief Dermatitis, Surgical sutures Dermatitis; Asthma; Cough Dermatitis;Bruises;Stretch marks Dermatitis;Burns;Bites Dermatobiasis Dermatological problems Dermatology Dermatology;Hair loss;Dandruff Dermatology;Stretch marks;Skin aging;Excessive dryness Dermatology>Acne Dermatology>Dandruff Dermatology>demodicosis Dermatology>Eczema Dermatology>Hair loss Dermatology>Increased prickly heat Dermatology>Psoriasis Dermatology>Stretch marks Dermatology>Wound healing Dermatophytosis Dermatoses Dermatosis Dermocosmetics Desinfection Desinfections Deterioration of mood Deterioration of skin condition Deterioration of skin condition;Loss of appetite Deterioration of skin condition;Sleep disturbance;Zinc deficiency Deterioration of skin condition;Zinc deficiency;Sleep disturbance Detox Detoxification Detoxification; Elimination Developmental and growth disorders Dextromethorphan Dezinfection Diabetes Diabetes;Decreased blood pressure Diabetic nephropathy Diabetic Neuropathy Diabetic retinopathy Diabetic skin Diabetics Diarrhea Diarrhea;Constipation;Vomit;Nausea Diarrhea;Flatulence Diarrhea;Viral gastroenteritis (gastric flu); Diarrhoea Diclofenac diet Diet and weight loss Diet;Fatigue;Iron deficency Dietary supplement. Difficult adaptation Difficult choice of words Difficulty breathing Difficulty or involuntary urination Difficulty Sleeping and Restlessness Difficulty sleeping/insomnia Difficulty swallowing Digestion Digestion;Liver cells Digestion;Metabolic disorders Digestive disorders;Metabolic disorders Digestive flora Digestive health Digestive problem Digestive problem;Brittle bones;Heart problems Digestive problem;Low immunity Digestive problems Digestive stress Digestive System Digestive System;For immunity Diphtheria Discharge Discoloration Discoloration;Wrinkles Discomfort from dentures Discomfort in the heart area Diseases of genital organs Diseases of the cardiovascular system Diseases of the leg veins Diseases of the male genital organs Diseases of the male genital organs;For men Disinfection Disinfection of toothbrushes Disinfection of wounds Dislocation Distracted attention Disturbance of the rhythm of the heart Dizziness Dream Dri hair Dri hear Dri skin Dri skin,Oly skin,Normal skin Dri skin;Itching;Peeling;Eczema Dri skin;Sensitive skin;Scars;Burns;Esczema Drops Drowsiness Drowsiness or insomnia Drry skin Dry Dry air;Dry skin Dry cheeks;Dry lips Dry cough Dry dandruff Dry eyes Dry eyes; Irritated eyes; Eye irritation; Eye pain; Eye fatigue Dry eyes;Eye fatigue;Eye injury Dry feet Dry hair Dry hair;Damaged hair Dry hair;Dull hair Dry hand Dry hands Dry hands;Cracked hands Dry hands;Damaged hands Dry hayr Dry hear Dry lips Dry mouth Dry mouth; Sore throat; Hoarse voice Dry mouth;Bad breath Dry mouth;Dental caries Dry nipples Dry or Chapped Skin Dry scalp Dry scalp,Sensitive scalp Dry skin Dry skin ;Cracked skin;Allergic skin Dry skin, Sensitive skin Dry skin,Atopic skin Dry skin,Collagen Dry skin,Irritated skin Dry skin,Irritations Dry skin,Rough skin,Cracked skin Dry skin,Sensitive skin Dry skin; dehydrated skiin; Cracked skin Dry skin;Anti age Dry skin;Capped skin Dry skin;chapped hands Dry skin;Chapped skin;Eczema;Intimate Dry skin;Dehydrated skin Dry skin;Eczema Dry skin;Eczema;Lichens Dry skin;eczema;Psoriasis Dry skin;Exfoliation Dry skin;Flaking Dry skin;For men Dry skin;Problematic skin Dry skin;Problematic skin;Eczema dry skin;Rough skin Dry skin;Sensitive skin;Itching Dry skin;Sensitive skin;Stomatitis Dry skin;Sensitive skinExfoliation;Redness Dry skin;Skin elasticity Dry skin;Skin elasticity;Skin cells Dry skin;Skin itching Dry skin;Skin itching;Flaking Dry skin;Skin itching;Flaking;Redness Dry skin;Skin itching;Redness Dry skin;Skin problem Dry skin;Skin problem;Wrinkles Dry skin;Skin problems Dry skin;Unpleasant odors Dry skin;Vision problem;Low immunity Dry skin;Wrinkles Dry skin;Wrinkles;Pores Dry skrinNormal skin Dryness Dryness and irritation of the skin Dryskin Dsiseases of various organs and tissues, especially the musculoskeletal system Dsisinfection Duodenal health Dysbacteriosis Dyskinesia of the gallbladder Dyskinesia of the gallbladder;Cholesterolosis Dyskinesia of the gallbladder;Deterioration of mood Dyspnea Dyy skin;Skin aging


Ear diseases Ear hygiene, Wax plugs Ear inflammation Ear pain Ear painTrauma Ear, Throat, Nose Ear, Throat, Nose>Rhinitis Eating disorders Eating disorders; immunity Eating disorders;Heart diseases; Eating disorders;Low immunity Ectopic pregnancy Ectopic pregnancy;Neurology Eczema Eczema,Psoriasis Eczema;Excessive dryness Eczema;Flaking;Excessive dryness Eczema;Hypersensitive skin Eczema;Skin rashes;Burns Edema Edema and post-traumatic muscle injury Edema;Blood stagnation Edema;Venoses;Cellulite Ejaculation Elastic skin Elasticity Elastin Elbow strengthening;Injury Elevated temperature Elevated temperature; Pain reduction; Headache; Migraine Elevated temperature;Runny nose;Cough Emergency contraception Emollient Care Emphysema Enamel erosion Endemic goiter Endocarditis Endometriosis Endometriosis;Inflammatory diseases of the uterus and cervix Endometritis Energizin Energy Energy creation problem Energy metabolism Energy metabolism;Fatigue;immune system Energy metabolism;Vitamin B12 deficiency;Fatigue Energy production Energy production;Brain health Enhanced Skin Elasticity Enlarged Pores Enrichment of intestinal microflora Enteritis Environmental Stressors Enzyme function Enzyme production Epidermis Epidermis,Itching Epilepsy Erectile disfunction Erectile dysfunction Erectile dysfunction;Urination disorders Erection Erection drugs Erythema Erythems Erythrasma Essential oils Estrogen balance Estrogen metabolism Esxcess weight Eustachitis Excess hair;Depilation Excess Loss Excess Shine Excess weight Excess weight; Weight loss; For kids Excess weight; Weight loss; Stomach ache; Stomach pain Excess weight;Digestion Excess weight;Digestive system disorders Excess weight;Nervousness;Depression Excess weight;Neuropathic pain;Depression Excessive dryness Excessive dryness;Cracked skin Excessive dryness;Hypersensitive skin;Skin elasticity Excessive dryness;Pallor Excessive dryness;Problematic skin Excessive dryness;Wound healing Excessive dryness;Wrinkles;Skin elasticity;Skin aging Excessive dryness/oily skin Exercise stress Exfoliation Exfoliation skin Exfoliation;All skin types Exhaustion Expectorants Expectoration Exposure to blue Extremely dry lips Eye bags Eye care Eye Contour Eye Contoure Eye cream Eye dark circles ;Darkening of the eyes Eye disorders Eye fatigue Eye fatigue;Dark circles under the eyes Eye function Eye health Eye health; Immune function Eye infection Eye inflammation Eye injury Eye irritation Eye makeup Eye pain Eye protection Eye protection during sports eye protection while swimming Eye vision Eyebrow Hair Removal Eyelash loss Eyes Eyes, ear, nose,throat Eyes, ear, nose,throat;Rhinitis;Sinusitis Eyes, ear, nose;Blepharitis;Conjunctivitis;Eye injury Eyes, ear, nose;Pharyngitis;Dry mouth;Irritation


Face Face dry skin;Face;Skin problem Face dry skin;Skin problem;Skin cleansing Face dry skin;Wrinkles;Skin problem Face dryness Face hair removal Face impurities Face makeup Face,Dry skin Face;Hair problem;Body hygiene Face;Skin problem;Oily skin Face;Skin problem;Skin cleansing Face;Skin problem;Skin tone Face;Wrinkles;Skin problem FaceCare Facial pressure Fading;Matting Fainting Faringhitis Farsightedness Farsightedness, myopia, astigmatism Fast fatiguability Fast fatiguability;Fatigue;Maintains strength Fast fatiguability;Vision problem;Low immunity Fat burn Fat burning Fat destruction Fat loss Fatigue Fatigue ;Bleeding Fatigue,Shortness of breath Fatigue;Brain function problem Fatigue;Dark spots Fatigue;Decreased attention Fatigue;Feeling generally unwell;Fast fatiguability Fatigue;Immune system;Cells protection Fatigue;Loss of concentration Fatigue;Low immunity Fatigue;Maintains strength Fatigue;Mood swings Fatigue;Muscle pain;Dry skin Fatigue;Nervous system Fatigue;Oxidative stress Fatigue;Oxidative stress;Heart diseases Fatigue;Oxidative stress;Insomnia Fatigue;Skin problems Fatigue;Skin tone Fatigue;Vitamin B deficiency;Neurological disturbances Fatigue;Vitamin B12 deficiency Fatigue;Weakness Fatigue;Zinc deficiency;Eye health Fear Feeling generally unwell Feeling of pressure, Feeling of pressure, heaviness Feeling of pressure, heaviness, heat Feeling of pressure, heaviness, heat; Varicose veins Feeling short of breath;Heart diseases Female health Fertility health Fetal death during pregnancy Fetal health Fever FeverNeuralgia Fibroids of the uterus Fine hair Fine hairr Fine Lines Firming Firming care Firmness Firmness,Eye bags,Fine Lines Flabby skin Flaking Flaking;Cracked skin Flaky scalp Flaky skin Flatter stomach Flatulence Flatulence;Diarrhea Flatulence;Stomach ache Flu Flu and cold Flu and cold;Headache;Cough;Runny nose;Sneezing Flu and cold;Runny nose;Nasal congestion Flu and cold;Sore throat Flu and cold>Cough Flu and cold>Elevated temperature Flu;Colds;Eczema Flu;Nasal congestion;Runny nose Flu;Runny nose;Frequent colds Fluorosis Follicular ovarian cyst Follicular ovarian cyst;Inflammatory diseases of the uterus and cervix;Menopause Food intolerance Food intolerance;Dysbacteriosis Food intoxication Food irritation Food poisoning Foot bath,Hand bath Foot odor Foot problems in diabetics For adults For body For body;Body hygiene For body;Body hygiene;Acne For body;Body hygiene;Face For body;Body hygiene;Skin problem For couples For couples;Lubricants For eyes For face For facial For feet For hair for hands For kids for legs For lips For men For men;decreasing sexual desire For men;Diseases of the male genital organs For men;Face;Sensitive skin;Problematic skin For men;Lubricants For menstrual pain For skin For skin;Low immunity;Brittle bones For skin;Nervousness For sugar levels For sugar levels;Low immunity For vaginal dryness For vegans;For diabetics;Maintains strength For vegans;Promotes performance, endurance For women For women;Fatigue;Vitamin B deficiency Fracture Fractures Fragility and Fragility and ;Hair loss;Callused nails Fragility and increased hair loss Fragility and increased hair loss;Hair loss;Lifeless hair Fragility hair Fragility hair loss Frequent awakening at night Frequent colds Frequent colds; Fatigue Frequent dizziness Frequent headaches Frequent infectious diseases Frequent loss of things Frequent urge to go to the toilet Frequent urge to urinate From 18 years From an abscess From lice From parasites From parasites,From worms From parasites;From scabies;Hair From parasites;Hair From scabies From worms Frostbite Functional heart problems fung Damaged nailsal fungal Fungal diseases Fungal FOOT Infections Fungal infection Fungal infections Fungal infections of the upper respiratory tract Fungal Nail Infections (Onychomycosis) Fungal skin Fungal Skin Infections Fungal Skin Infections (Mycosis) Fungi Furuncle Furunculosis Fusarium


Haemorrhoids Hair Hair aging hair degreasing Hair elasticity Hair greasiness Hair growth Hair growth,Nails growth Hair health Hair loss Hair loss;Alopecia Hair loss;Brittle hair Hair loss;Brittle nails;Skin rashes Hair loss;Curly hair Hair loss;Dry skin;Pallor Hair loss;Dryness Hair loss;Fixation Hair loss;For skin;Brittle bones Hair loss;Hair density Hair loss;Hair elasticity Hair loss;Hair problem;Fragility and increased hair loss Hair loss;Hair weakness Hair loss;Hormonal disorders Hair loss;Lamination nails;Skin cleansing Hair loss;Lifeless hair;Hair problem Hair loss;Vitamin C deficiency Hair loss;Volume Hair loss;Volume;Hair density Hair oiliness Hair problem Hair problem,Dryness,Low immunity Hair problem;Bones Hair problem;Cells protection Hair problem;Dry skin Hair problem;Fatigue;Skin problem Hair problem;Hair loss;Fragility and increased hair loss Hair problem;hair weakness Hair problem;Skin problem;Low immunity Hair problem;Vitamin B deficiency;Low immunity Hair removal Hair removal for men Hair roots problem Hair thickness Hair volume Hair volume;Anti-hair loss hair washing hair washing;hair degreasing Hair weakness Hair weakness;Brittle nails Hair, Face hair, nails Hair, skin, Hair, skin, nails hair,nails Hair;Brittle bones;Low immunity Hair;Damaged hair Hair;Face;For men Hair;For kids Hair;Hair problem;Body hygiene Hair;Oily skin;Damaged hair Hairiness Hanging acidity Hardened nails Hay fever Hay fever;Itching;Allergy Head injury Head lice Headache Headache Joint pain Headache;Dermatitis;Flatulence Headache;Nervousness;Magnesium deficiency Headache;Pain;Elevated temperature Headache;Runny nose;Nasal congestion Headache;Toothache; Period pain;Fever Headaches Healing Health of nails Healthy balance of microorganisms Healthy diet Healthy digestion Healthy liver Healthy nails Healthy teeth;Formation of strong bones Healthy testosterone Healthy tissues Healthy vision Hear loss Hearing and smell impairment Heart Heart attack Heart disease Heart diseases Heart diseases;Arterial hypertension Heart diseases;Breathlessness Heart failure Heart failure; Loss of energy; Muscle pain Heart failure;Bone pain;Joint pain Heart health Heart health,Eye health Heart health;Cellular health;Blood vessel health heart problems Heart problems; Headaches; Vision problem Heart problems;For body;Eye pain Heart problems;Heart rhythm disturbances Heart problems;Metabolic syndrome Heart problems;Pregnant women problem Heart problems;Weakness Heart rhythm disturbances Heart stumbles, heart sting and heart pain Heart weakness Heartburn Heartburn;Stomach pain;Stomach cramps;Stomach discomfort;Stomach ulcers HeartCirculatory system heat Heatstroke heaviness heaviness, heat Helminthiasis Hematomas Hemoglobinopathie Hemoglobinopathies Hemophilia Hemoptysis Hemorrhagic diathesis Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids, leg sweating,skin cracks Hemorrhoids; Hemorrhagic diathesis; Pain Hemorrhoids;Constipation Hemorrhoids;Constipation;Diarrhea Hemorrhoids;Varicose veins Hepatic encephalopathy Hepatitis Hepatitis; Diabetes; High Cholesterol Herpes Herpes treatment Herpes;Nervous system High blood glucose levels High blood glucose levels;For skin High glucose level High glucose level;pH level changes Histaminosis HIV AIDS Hives Hoarse voice Homeopathy Homocysteine ​​metabolism Hormonal aging Hormonal changes Hormone levels Hot flashes and night sweats Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV / AIDS) Human papilloma virus (HPV) Hunger;Muscles hydrating;calming;protective Hydration Hydration and Renewal Hydronephrosis Hygiena Hygiene Hygiene,perfume containers Hygiene;Foot odor Hygiene;For body Hygiene;For kids;For men Hygiene;Skin problem;Face Hygiene;Teeth Hygiene:Dry skin Hygiene:Sensitive skin Hyperacidity Hyperandrogenism Hyperdration Hyperhidrosis Hyperparathyroidism Hyperpigmentation Hyperplastic Hyperprolactinemia Hyperreactive skin Hypersensitive skin Hypersensitive skin,Dry skin Hypersensitive skin;Skin elasticity Hypertension Hyperventilation Syndrome Hypesrensitive skin Hypoallergenic hair Hypochondria Hypotension Hypothyroidism Hypothyroidism and cretinism Hypothyroidism and cretinism;hair weakness Hysterical neurosis


Ichthyosis iFlaking Iitching Immune defence;Fatigue Immune defense;Zinc deficiency Immune function Immune health Immune response Immune support, health, nutrition, health immune syste Immune system Immune system health Immune system,Obesity Immune system; Gut health Immune system;Cognitive impairment Immune system;Fatigue Immune system;Skin health Immune system;Vitamin C deficiency Immune system:Atherosclerosis:Weakness Immune system:Avitaminosis Immune system:Blood Immune system:Pain in the muscles Immune system>Magnesium balance Immune system>Weakness Immunity Immunity; Digestive disorders; Worms Immunity:Zinc Immunodeficiency Immunodeficiency;Hair loss;immune system Impaired glucose tolerance Impotence Improved blood circulation;Irritability Improved digestion Improving blood circulation Improving blood circulation in the muscle Improving blood circulation in the muscle;Maintains performance;Increasing muscle strength Improving lymph flow Improving metabolism;Cellulite Impurities In vitro fertilization increase in items Increased acidity Increased albumin sensitivity Increased anxiety Increased anxiety;Sleep disorders Increased anxiety;Stress Increased anxiety;Stress;Depression Increased heart rate Increased irritability Increased performance Increased prickly heat Increased susceptibility to infections Increased sweating Increasing Items Increasing joint range Increasing muscle strength Indigestion Indigestion;Excess weight Individual Sensitivity Infection Infections Infections;Venereal diseases;Hygiene Infectious Infectious mononucleosis Infertile Infertility Inflamed Inflammation Inflammation and infections inflammation of the female genitalia Inflammation of the lymph nodes Inflammation of the nose Inflammation;Headache;Pain;Fever Inflammatory diseases Inflammatory diseases of the uterus and cervix Inflammatory diseases;Low immunity Inhalations Inhaler Injection Injuries Injuries;Back pain Injury Inner ear health Insect bites Insomnia Insomnia;Fatigue Insomnia;Headache;Fatigue Insomnia;Magnesium deficiency;Fear Insomnia;Sleep disorders Instant Hydration Insufficiency of the adrenal cortex insulin temperature Internet addiction Intestinal health Intestinal problems Intestinal tract Intestines Intim hygiene Intimate Intimate Gel Intimate hygien Intimate hygiene Intimate Oil Intoxication Intracranial hypertension Iodine Iodine deficiency IRON Iron deficiency Iron deficiency anemia Iron deficiency;Chilliness;Tinnitus Iron deficiency;Pale skin;Fatigue;Frequent dizziness IRON;Fatigue;Iron deficiency;Numbness of extremities Irregular bowel movements Irrigator attachment Irritability Irritable bowel Irritable stomach Irritants Irritated eyes Irritated hand Irritated lips Irritated scalp Irritated skin Irritated skin,Redness Irritation Irritation of the intestines Irritation of the mucous Irritation,Itching Irritation;Pores;Skin aging Irritationa Irritations Irritations and germs Irritations and germs;Gastroenterology;Stomach ache Irritations;Wounds Irrritations Itching Itching heads Itching skin Itching,Dry skin Itchy nose Itchy scalp Itchy skin Itsenko-Cushing syndrome Ittching


Labored breathing Lack of air Lack of moisture Lack of pancreatic digestive enzymes Lactation Lactic acid Lactic acid bacteria lactose intolerance Lamination and white spots on the nails Lamination nails Large pores Laringitis Laryngitis Leaks Leather Leather Adhesive Leftovers under the prosthesis Leg hair removal Leg pain Leg pain; Edema; Leg ulcers; Candidiasis: Eczema Leg ulcers; Wounds; Hemorrhoids Legs Lemon balm Lens storage Leukocytosis Lichen Lifeless hair Lifeless hair; Damaged nails;Dry skin Liffting Limb protection Limb protection;Fixation;Overload lingvatulosis Lip Contour Lip tone Lips hygiene;Lips problem liquidum Liver Liver and gallbladder Liver and gallbladder;Bad dream Liver and gallbladder;Immune system Liver and gallbladder;Metabolic syndrome; Liver and gallbladder>Cholesterolosis Liver diseases Liver dysfunction Liver health Liver health; Immune system;Lung health Liver problem ll skin types Load protection location orientation Long healing of wounds Long healing of wounds;Corns and old calluses loosening of the foreskin in boys Lose weight Loss of appetite Loss of concentration Loss of concentration;Fatigue;Fast fatiguability loss of head Loss of sensation Low carb diets Low immunity Low immunity,Teeth Low immunity;Bones health Low immunity;Brittle bones Low immunity;Brittle bones;For women Low immunity;Brittle bones;Muscle pain Low immunity;Brittle bones;Vitamin D deficiency Low immunity;Colds;Fatigue Low immunity;Colds;Runny nose Low immunity;Deterioration of skin condition;Fast fatiguability Low immunity;Fatigue Low immunity;Fatigue;Nervous system Low immunity;Hair loss Low immunity;Hemoglobinopathies Low immunity;Inflammatory diseases;Muscle pain Low immunity;Loss of appetite;Colds Low immunity;Muscle pain;Brittle bones Low immunity;Muscle pain;Skin problem Low immunity;Nervousness Low immunity;Nervousness;Fatigue Low immunity;Nervousness;Heart problems Low immunity;Nervousness;Stress Low immunity;Stomach pain Low immunity;Vitality;Cold Low immunity;Vitamin B deficiency Low immunity;Vitamin B deficiency;Energy metabolism Low immunity;Vitamin B12 deficiency Low immunity;Vitamin B6 deficiency;Nervousness Low immunity;Vitamin C deficiency Low immunity;Vitamin C deficiency;Colds Low immunity;Vitamin C deficiency;Oxidative stress Low immunity;Vitamin D deficiency Low immunity;Weak teeth Low Libido Low performance Low temperature protection. Low-grade fever Lubricant Lubricants Lubricants;Dryness Lung capacity Lung disease Lung diseases;Cough;Bronchitis Lungs' cancer Lymphadenopathy Lymphatic massage Lymphatic system diseases Lymphatic system diseases;Swelling of the legs;Hemorrhoids;Varicose veins Lymphogranulomatosis


Macular degeneration Magnesium Magnesium balance Magnesium deficiency Maintaining the general health of the mother Maintains performance Maintains performance;Increasing muscle strength Maintenance of strong bones;Immune system Makeup Makeup cleaning Makeup removal Makeup remover Makeup residues,Skin problem Makeup, Skin tone Malabsorption Malaise Male fertility Male fertility test Male infertility Male menopause Male reproductive health Male sexual excitability Male sexual health Malignant neoplasms Malnutrition Manifested by redness Massage Massage oils Massage Oils And Candles Massage;Body fatigue Massage;Headache Massage;Stretch marks;Burns;Eczema Massage: Swelling; Muscle fatigue; Pimples; Minor abrasions. Massotherapy Massotherapy;Arthritis;Myositis Massotherapy;Bruises;Stretch marks Massotherapy;Insomnia; Fatigue Massotherapy;Pain;Arthritis;Myositis Massotherapy;Rheumatism Mastitis Mature skin Measles Measuring blood sugar levels Medical cosmetics Medical cosmeticsFor hair Medical device Medicinal herbs and teas Medicines for skin fungus and ulcers Melanoma Memory memory impairment Memory impairment;Dizziness;Noise, ringing in the ears Memory impairment;Memory loss Memory loss Memory loss;Brain function problem Men`s health Menopaus Menopausal symptoms Menopause Menopause;Brittle bones Menopause;Fatigue Menopause;Follicular ovarian cyst Menopause;Menstrual disorders in women MenopauseVitamin D deficiency Menstrual cycle Menstrual disorders in women Menstrual irregularities Menstrual pain Menstruation Mental activity Mental clarity Mental fatigue Mental focus Mental sharpness Metabolic disorders Metabolic disorders>Excess weight Metabolic disorders>Type 1 diabetes Metabolic disorders>Type 2 diabetes Metabolic syndrome Metabolically stresse Metabolism Metabolism at rest Metabolism of cells Meteorism Miazy Micosis Microsporia Migraine Migraine;Fatigue;Stress Milk production Mineral deficiency Minerals, bones, heart, skin, hair Miscarriage Miscarriages Mitral valve prolapse Mixed drinks;Diet shakes Mixed Infections Mixed skin Moisture Mom ad baby Mom ad baby:Underwear monitoring distant objects Mononucleosis Mood Mood changes mood swings Mood swings;Restful spleep Motion sickness Mouth Ulcers Movement Mucormycosis Mucosal protection multiple sclerosis Multivitamins Muscle aches Muscle and joint fatigue Muscle breakdown Muscle breakdown;Excess weight Muscle building Muscle building;Explosive movements Muscle building;Muscle growth Muscle building;Weight loss Muscle contraction Muscle cramps Muscle cramps;Energy metabolism Muscle cramps;Fatigue Muscle function Muscle growth Muscle growth;Maintaining muscle mass Muscle health Muscle health;Bone health;Sleep disorder Muscle loss Muscle mass Muscle mass growth;Protein Muscle mass;Diet Muscle mass;Fatigue;Immune system Muscle mass;Muscle regeneration Muscle mass;Weakness Muscle pai Muscle pain Muscle pain;Anxiety Muscle pain;Anxiety;Fatigue Muscle pain;Colds;Scars Muscle pain;Fatigue Muscle pain;Fatigue;Anxiety Muscle pain;Fatigue;Nervousness Muscle pain;Low immunity;Nervousness Muscle pain;Low immunity;Oxidative stress Muscle recovery Muscle relaxation;Nerve function;Restful spleep Muscle size Muscle strains Muscle strength Muscle weakness Muscle work;Muscle power Muscles pain Muscles;Connective tissue Musculoskeletal system Musculoskeletal system,Osteochondrosis Musculoskeletal system:Pain:Muscle pain:Neuropathic pain Musculoskeletal system:Pain:Neuropathic pain Myalgia Myalgias Mycoplasmosis Mycoses Mycosis Myocardial infarction Myocarditis myopia Myositis


Nail biting habit Nail care nail cuticle Nail decoration Nail design Nail Discoloration Nail fixing;Nail polishing Nail fungus Nail fungus and mycosis Nail health nail plates Nail polish Nail problems Nail problems;Brittle nails Nail problems;Callused nails Nail problems;Damaged nails Nail psoriasis Nail shape;Nail polish Nail weakness Nails Nails;Hygiene Nasal cleansing Nasal congestion Nasal congestion;Flu and cold;Dyspnea Nasal congestion;Runny nose;Allergy Nasal congestion;Sneezing;Runny nose Nasal congestion;Trouble breathing;Flu Nasal congestion:Cough and sputum Natural Medicine Nausea Nausea and vomiting Nausea;Gastritis;Dyskinesia of the gallbladder Necrosis Negative thoughts;Stress Nephritis, Urethritis Nephroptosis Nerve function Nerve function problem Nerve function;Muscle relaxation Nerve health Nervous disorders Nervous heart disorders Nervous heart problems Nervous system Nervous system disorder Nervous system;Anxiety Nervous system;Muscle health nervous system;Muscle pain Nervous system;Skin problem Nervousness Nervousness,Aches in muscles and joints Nervousness,Fatigue Nervousness,Headaches Nervousness;Depression Nervousness;Low immunity;Magnesium balance Neuralgia Neurasthenia Neuritis: Pain Neurodermatitis Neurological disturbances Neurological disturbances;Fatigue Neurological disturbances;Stress;Insomnia Neurology Neurology;Atherosclerosis Neurology;Sleep disorders Neurology;Sleep disorders;Increased anxiety;Stress Neurology;Stress;Nervous disorders Neurology;Stress;Sleep disorders Neurology:Pain:Neuropathic pain Neurology>Depression Neuropathia Neuropathic pain Neuropathic pain;Backache;Osteoarticular pain Neuropathic pain;Depression Neurosis Neurosis; Circulatory disorders Neurosis;Ctress Neurosis;Sleep disturbance; Fatigue Neurosis;Stress;Imunity Nevropathia Nevus Newborn Nicotine addiction Night Renewal Night vision disturbances Nighttime Renewal Noise in ears Noise, ringing in the ears Non prescription Normal face Normal hair Normal hair;Nails Normal ski Normal skim Normal skin Nose Nose picking Nseurosis Ntrition during pregnancy Numbness of extremities Nutrient absorption Nutritional supplement Nutritional supplements


Obesity Obesity;Excess weight Obesity;Weight loss Obesitys Obsessive-compulsive disorder Odor;Dry air Odors Oil skin Oily face Oily hair oily hair;Nervousness;Dandruff Oily scalp Oily skin Oily skin;Acne Oily skin;Excess Shine;Dry skin; Scaly skin; Oily skin;Hypersensitive skin Oily skin;Pores Oily skin:Combination skin Oli skin;Acne Oly hear Oly skin Omega 3 deficiency Oncology>Colon cancer Oncopathology Onychomycosis Optic nerve atrophy Oral cavity Oral higiena Oral higiene Oral hygiena Oral hygiene Oral Lesions Oral ulcer Orchitis and epididymitis Orthodontic treatment Osteoarthritis Osteoarticular pain Osteochondrosis Osteomas Osteomyelitis Osteoparosis Osteoporosis Osteoporosis;Brittle bones;Pain in bones and muscles Others allergy Others antifungal Others bad habits Others blood Others cardiology Others care (hygiene) Others childhood diseases Others dermatology Others Ear, Throat, Nose Others eyes Others first aid Others flu and cold Others from parasites Others gastroenterology Others gynecology Others immune system Others Immunity Others infectious Others liver and gallbladder Others metabolic disorders Others musculoskeletal system Others neurology Others oncology Others pain Others respiratory system Others sexual health Others stomatology Others urology and andrology Others veins and vessels Others weight loss Otitis media Outhers neurology Ovarian apoplexy Ovarian cancer Ovarian function Over-reactive skin Overall Skin Smoothness Overall Skin Vitality Overload Overweight Oxidative stress Oxidative stress;Labored breathing Oxidative stress;Low immunity Oxidative stress;Nervous system;Irritability, Oxidative stress;Oxidative stress Oxidative stress;Sore joints Oxidative stress;Vision problem;Brain function problem Oxidative stress;Vitamin D deficiency Oxidative stress;Vitamin E deficiency Oxidative stress;Vitamin E deficiency;Anemia Oxidative stress;Weakness;Fatigue Oyli skin


Pain Pain and fever Pain during sexual intercourse and urinary incontinence Pain ear Pain in bones and muscles Pain in bones and muscles;Backache Pain in bones and muscles;Brittle bones Pain in bones and muscles;Fever Pain in bones and muscles;Swelling Bruises Pain in muscles and joints Pain in the eyes Pain in the legs Pain in the liver area Pain in the muscle Pain in the muscles Pain reduction Pain syndrome Pain teething Pain,Elevated temperature Pain;Headache;Toothache;Menstrual pain;Acute pain Pain;Skin problem;Herpes Pain:Headache:Toothache:Acute pain Pain>Backache Painkillers Pale skin Pallor Palpitations Pancreas Pancreatic enzymes Pancreatitis Pancreatitis;Cholelithiasis Panic attacks Papilloma viruses Papillomatosis Papules Parasitic infestation (worms, etc.) Paresthesia Pariodontitis Parodontitis Parodontits Parodontosi Parodontoz Paroxysmal erythema Parrodontitis PCOS syndrome Peaceful sleep Pediculosis Pediculosis;From parasites Pediculosis;From scabies Pediculosis;Hair Pellagra Pellings Perfect skin Pericarditis Periodontitis Periodontitis;Dental calculus pH level changes Pharingitis Pharyngitis Pharyngitis;Laryngitis;Whooping cough Pheromones Physiological growth and development Pigmentacion Pigmentation Pigmentation spots Pigmentation;Excessive dryness Pigmentation;Skin tone Pigmetacion Pigmetation Piigmentacion Pimples Pimples;Skin problems Pituitary dwarfism Pityriasis versicolor: Candidiasis Plaque Playing sports Pleurisy Plumping Effect Pneumonia Pneumothorax Poisoning Polio Pollen allergy Pollutant particles;Dry hair Polycystic ovary syndrome Polyps of the cervix Poor brain function;Sleep disorder Poor circulation;Irritation;Tension Poor reading vision Poor wound healing Pores Pores;Blackheads;Discoloration Pores;Refreshing skin Portability շ Postmenopause Postpartum period Potassium balance Potency passivity Ppgmentacion Practical help for contact lens users. Preeclampsia Pregnancy Pregnancy tests Pregnant women problem Premature ejaculation Premenopausal Premenstrual syndrome Pressure Pressure;nervous system Prevention Problem nails Problematic face Problematic skin Problematic skin;Acne Problematic skin;Acne;Eczema Problematic skin;Burns;Poor wound healing Problematic skin;Deterioration of skin condition;Dry skin Problematic skin;Dry skin Problematic skin;Dry skin;Eczema Problematic skin;Skin problem Problems with concentration Problems with concentration and coordination of movements Problems with concentration;Brain function problem Problems with concentration;Increasing muscle strength Problems with coordination ProctitisAanal fissures Promotes performance, endurance;Fatigue Promotes performance, endurance;Maintains strength Proper fetal development Prostate cancer prostatic hyperplasia Prostatitis Prostatitis; Urethritis Prostatitis; Urethritis; Gastritis Prostatitis;Erectile dysfunction Prostatitis;Erectile dysfunction;Burning pain during urination Prostatitis;Erectile dysfunction;Urination disorders Prostatitis;Urination disorders Prosthesis cleaning Prosthesis cleaning, Prosthesis septic tank Prosthesis cleaning;Tired body tooth sensitivity prosthesis septic tank Protective Barrier Protective Benefits Protein digestion Pseudomycosis PSityriasis versicolor Psores Psoriasis Psoriasis, Ichthyosis Psoriatic arthritis Psycho-emotional disorder Psycho-emotional disorders Psycho-emotional disorders,Nervousness Psychogenic pain Pubic lice Puffiness Puffiness under eyes Pulmonary embolism Pulmonary embolism;Chest pain Pulpitis Purulent inflammation of the skin Pyelonephritis


Radiation therapy Radiculitis Rapid aging Rash Reactive arthritis Rebalancing Formula Reconstruction of muscles;Skin hydration Rectal cancer Recurrent infections Red and itchy eyes Red and itchy eyes;Аллергия Red eyes Red eyes;Dry eyes;Eye fatigue Red skin Reddened Skin Treatment Redness Redness and skin rash Redness of the eyes Redness-Prone Skin Redness,Sensitive slkin Reducing the risk of congenital malformations Reflux Refreshing Formula Refreshment Regenerating skin Regeneration Regular digestion Regulating sugar levels Regurgitation Removing the patch Removing water from the body Renitis Reproductive health Respiratory health Respiratory system Respiratory system>Asthma respiratory tract Respiratory tract;Bronchial asthma Restful sleep;Fatigue Restful sleep;Rejuvenating sleep Restful sleep;Sleeplessness Restful sleep;Sleeplessness;Stress Restorative Benefits Restoring immunity Restoring Vaginal Flora Balance Resurrection Retinal disinsertion Revitalization Revitalizing Rhesus conflict during pregnancy Rheumatic pain Rheumatic polymyalgia Rheumatism Rheumatism;Gout;Pain Rheumatoid arthritis Rheumatoidarthritis Rhinitis Rhinosinusitis Rickets Ringworm Risk of fractures due to the slightest trauma Risk of fractures with the slightest injury. Rosacea Rosemary Rough epidermis Rough feet Rough hands Rough hands;Damaged hands Rough hands;Dry skin;Skin problem Rough lips Rough skin Rough, Uneven skin Roughness Rubella Rubromycosis Runny nose Runny nose;Nasal congestion;Allergy Runny or stuffy nose ry skin


Salicylic acid Sarcopsillosis Scalp Desquamation Scalp irritation Scalp irritations Scaly skin Scarlet fever Scars Scars;Stretch marks;Wrinkles Schizophrenia Scin aging Scratches Sculp irritation Seals and redness Seborrhea Seborrheic dermatitis Sebum Sebum,Skin problems Sebum;Oily hair Seizures Selenium deficiency Semsitive skin Senesitive skin Sensetive skin Sensitine skin Sensitiv skin Sensitiv skin,dry skin, Sensitive dent Sensitive eye contours Sensitive eyes Sensitive face Sensitive hair Sensitive kin Sensitive lips Sensitive mucous membranes Sensitive scalp Sensitive scalps Sensitive skin Sensitive skin Irritated skin Sensitive skin;Cellulite Sensitive skin;Discoloration Sensitive skin;Dry skin Sensitive skin;Problematic skin Sensitive skin;Skin elasticity Sensitive skin;Skin problem Sensitivity Sensitivity to sharp sounds Sensitivity to sharp sounds, light and smells Sensorineural hearing loss Senstive skin Set Severe itching Sexual desire Sexual disorders Sexual health Sexual health;Hygiene Sexual health>Contraceptives Sexual power Shock. Shopping mania Shortening of growth Shortness of breath Sildenafil Sin, nails and face care Sings of Aging Sinus congestion Sinusite Sinusitis Sitting Skeletal health Skin Skin aging Skin aging;Excessive dryness Skin aging;Flaking;Excessive dryness Skin aging;Skin elasticity Skin aging;Wrinkles Skin allergies Skin allergy Skin calluses;Dry feet Skin cancer Skin cells Skin cleansing Skin cleansing; Problematic skin; Skin elasticity; Skin problem; Low immunity Skin Cracks Skin cracks; Bites Skin cracks;Abrasions Skin Density Skin disinfection Skin dryness Skin drynesss Skin Elasiticity Skin elasticity Skin elasticity ,Irritations Skin elasticity; Hydration Skin elasticity;Cracked skin Skin elasticity;Dry skin Skin elasticity;Excessive dryness Skin elasticity;Hypersensitive skin Skin elasticity;Sensitive skin Skin elasticity;Skin elasticity Skin elasticity;Wrinkles Skin elastycity Skin Energizing Skin exfoliation Skin Firming Skin flaking Skin Flexibility and Resilience Skin fungus Skin health Skin hidration Skin hydration Skin imperfections Skin impurities Skin infections Skin inflammation Skin inflammations;atopic dermatitis;urticaria; Skin irritation Skin irritations Skin itching Skin itching,Irritability Skin itching;Dry skin Skin itching;Fragility hair loss;Callused nails Skin itching;Redness Skin microbiome Skin Nourishment Skin pain Skin pain; Muscle pain; Elevated temperature; Joint pain Skin painc Skin peeling Skin picking Skin Plumping Skin pores Skin problem Skin problem;Acne;Pigmentation Skin problem;Body hygiene Skin problem;Brittle nails Skin problem;Brittle nails;Burns Skin problem;Digestive problem;Oral cavity Skin problem;Dry skin;Wrinkles Skin problem;Face Skin problem;Face dry skin;Wrinkles Skin problem;Face;Acne Skin problem;Face;Face dry skin Skin problem;Face;Wrinkles Skin problem;Hair Skin problem;Hair loss Skin problem;Hair problem Skin problem;Hygiene Skin problem;Lifeless hair Skin problem;Pallor of the skin;Pale skin Skin problem;Poor wound healing; Skin problem;Problematic skin;Acne Skin problem;Skin cleansing Skin problem;Skin cleansing;Acne Skin problem;Skin cleansing;Face Skin problem;Skin cleansing;Face dry skin Skin problem;Viruses;Hair Skin problem;Wrinkles Skin problems Skin problems;Dry skin Skin problems;Odors Skin protection Skin Purification Skin Radiance Skin rashes Skin rashes; Damaged nails;Lifeless hair Skin Redness Skin Renewal Skin Resilience Skin roughening Skin Sensitivity Skin Skin Energizing Skin tension Skin tone Skin tone;Lifeless hair Skin tone;Skin problem Skin, hair, nails Skin, skin, hair Skin;Hygiene;Bad smell Skin;Hygiene;Dermatology;Problematic skin Skin;Skin care Skin;Skin care;Irritation Sleep Sleep disorders Sleep disorders; Restful sleep Sleep disorders;Anxiety Sleep disorders;Depression Sleep disorders;Insomnia;Bad dream Sleep disorders;Neurasthenia;Panic attacks;Nervous disorders Sleep disorders;Neurology Sleep disorders;Stress;Depression Sleep disordersConstant state of weakness Sleep disturbance Sleep disturbance; Fatigue Sleep disturbance;Deterioration of skin condition Sleep disturbance;Hair problem;Low immunity Sleep pattern;Sleep disorder Sleep problems Sleep quality Sleepiness Sleeplessness Sleeplessness ;Peaceful sleep Slowdown in physical development Slowing down of intellectual development Small penis Smell from the mouth Smoking Smoothing Effect Smoothness Sneezing Sniffles Snore Snoring Sodium balance Sodium Selenite Soft hair Soft skin;Smooth skin Solar burn. Somatic pai Somatic pain Soothing and Anti-Inflammatory Soothing and Calming Soothing and Refreshing Soothing Barrier Soothing Effect Soothing Properties Soothing Relief Sore Sore joints Sore joints;Muscle pain Sore throat Sore throat and cough Sore throat;immune system;Eating disorders Sore throat;Runny nose;Cough;Headache Sore throat;Whooping cough Spasm Sperm health Sperm quality SPF Spils Split Ends Sport Sport nutrition Sports Sports injuries Sports injuriesl Spots Spots in the eyes Sprain Sprains Stain Stains Stains in dentures Stamina Stillen Stimulants Stomach Stomach ache Stomach ache,Constipation Stomach ache; Cardiovascular system Stomach ache; Hemorrhoids; Stomach pain Stomach ache; Stomach pain; Viral gastroenteritis (gastric flu) Stomach ache; Viral gastroenteritis (gastric flu); Stomach pain Stomach ache;Dysbacteriosis Stomach ache;Irritable stomach Stomach acid Stomach acidity Stomach cancer Stomach pain Stomach pain;Stomach cramps;Stomach discomfort;Bloating Stomach problems Stomach upset Stomatitids Stomatitis Stomatology Stomatology;Dental plaque Stones in the kidneys Stored fat Storing glasses Storing toothbrushes Strabismus Strength of prostheses Strengthening joints Stress Stress resistance Stress resistance;Sexual function Stress, Sleep and fatigue Stress; Nervousness; Deterioration of mood Stress; Nervousness; Deterioration of mood; Psycho-emotional disorders Stress; Nervousness; Sleepiness; Psycho-emotional disorders Stress;Allergies Stress;Anemia;Weakness Stress;Depression;Increased anxiety Stress;Depression;Increased anxiety;Sleep disorders Stress;Fatigue Stress;Increased anxiety;Nervous disorders Stress;Increased anxiety;Neurasthenia Stress;Migraine;Insomnia Stress;Nervousness Stress;Sleep disorders;Neurasthenia Stress;Sleepiness;Blood circulation Stress;Unpleasant odors Stressed hands Stressed lip skin Stressed skin Stretch Mark Correction Stretch Mark Prevention Stretch Mark Reduction Stretch marks Stretch marks;Scars;Wrinkles Stretch marks;Sports injuries;Bruises Stretching Stroke Stroke;Atherosclerosis;Dizziness Stuffy nose Subacute Subcutaneous hematomas Sudeck syndrome Suffocation Sun irritation Sun protection Sun Protection for Delicate Skin Sun protection,Scalp irritations Sun protection;Skin problem Sun protection;Sweating Sun protection;Wrinkles;Skin problem Sun-sensitive skin Sunburn Sunburn,Irritation Sunstroke Sunstroke;Crackling;Burns;Bites Sunstroke;Dry skin;Sensitive skin Superficial candidiasis of the skin and mucous membranes Superficial vein disease Support for skin, hair and nails Supporting conception Supporting conception;Supports muscle mass and strength Supports digestion;Immune system Supports muscle mass and strength;Decreasing sexual desire Supports muscle mass and strength;Maintains strength Supports the removal of heavy metals from the body Suppression Suppuration of the skin Susceptibility to infections Sweatig Sweating Sweating of feet Sweating; Foot odor Sweating;Hygiene Swelling Swelling after injury Swelling and circles under the eyes Swelling Bruises Swelling of the breasts Swelling of the face, legs Swelling of the legs Swelling of the legs;Leg pain; Feeling of pressure, heaviness, heat Swollen;Gum problems Syphilis Syringitis


Vaginal Atrophy Vaginal Dryness Vaginal dryness; Vaginitis; Infections Vaginal flora Vaginal infection Vaginal infections Vaginal Irritation Vaginal microbiome Vaginal rinses Vaginal thrush Vaginal Yeast Infections Vaginal Yeast Infections (Vaginal Candidiasis) Vaginitis Varicocele Varicose skin Varicose veins Varicose veins, Cellulite Varicose veins;Stroke Varikoze Various phobias Vascular constriction Vascular disorders Vascular function Vascular health Vascular skin Vascularized skin Vasodilation Vein diseases Veins and vessels Veins and vessels; Circulation; Pressure; Improving blood circulation Veins and vessels;Circulatory system;Feeling of pressure, heaviness, heat;Diseases of the leg veins Veins and vessels>Pressure Velvety Smooth Skin Venosis Venosis; Vulture; Skin irritation Venous insufficiency Venous insufficiency;Circulation Versatile Moisturization Vesicular skin Vibrators Vienna Violation of urination Viral gastroenteritis (gastric flu) Viral gastroenteritis (gastric flu); Stomach ache; Hemorrhoid Viral gastroenteritis (gastric flu); Stomach pain; Stomach ache Viral hepatitis Viral parotitis (mumps) Viral pneumonia Viruses Viruses;Skin problem Visceral candidiasis sporotrichosis Vision Vision health Vision problem Vision problem;Brain function problem Vision problem;Low immunity Vision problem;Oxidative stress Visual impairmen Visual impairment Visual impairment in children Visual impairment in children;Dry eyes Vitamin A deficiency Vitamin B Vitamin B deficiency Vitamin B deficiency;Energy metabolism;Skin problems Vitamin B deficiency;Fatigue Vitamin B deficiency;Low immunity Vitamin B deficiency;Low immunity;Anemia Vitamin B deficiency;Low immunity;Pallor Vitamin B;Vitamin B12 deficiency Vitamin B1 deficiency Vitamin B12 deficiency Vitamin B12 deficiency;Fatigue;Low immunity Vitamin B3 deficiency Vitamin B6 deficiency Vitamin B6 deficiency;Vitamin B12 deficiency Vitamin B9 deficiency Vitamin balance;Diet;Low immunity Vitamin C Vitamin C deficiency Vitamin C deficiency;Fatigue Vitamin C deficiency;Fatigue;Joint pain Vitamin C deficiency;Fatigue;Low immunity Vitamin C deficiency;Joint pain;Low immunity Vitamin C deficiency;Low immunity Vitamin C deficiency;Low immunity;Colds Vitamin C deficiency;Low immunity;Fatigue Vitamin C deficiency;Low immunity;Fatigue;Teeth;Collagen;Immune system Vitamin C deficiency;Low immunity;Joint pain Vitamin C deficiency;Low immunity;Oxidative stress Vitamin C deficiency;Oxidative stress Vitamin C deficiency;Oxidative stress;Fatigue Vitamin C deficiency;Zinc deficiency Vitamin C;Colds;Runny nose Vitamin D Vitamin D deficiency Vitamin D deficiency;Brittle bones;Muscle pain;Weak teeth Vitamin D deficiency;Brittle bones;Weak teeth Vitamin D deficiency;Low immunity Vitamin D deficiency;Low immunity;Brittle bones Vitamin D deficiency;Magnesium deficiency Vitamin D deficiency;Muscle pain;Brittle bones Vitamin D3 deficiency Vitamin deficiency Vitamin deficiency A,C,D,E,PP Vitamin deficiency A,D Vitamin deficiency A,D,C,E Vitamin deficiency A,D,C,E,Zn Vitamin deficiency A,E,Zn Vitamin deficiency B Vitamin deficiency B,Mg Vitamin deficiency C,D Zn Vitamin deficiency C,D,K Vitamin deficiency D Vitamin deficiency D,C Vitamin E Vitamin E deficiency Vitamin E deficiency;Weakness;Fatigue Vitamin K deficiency Vitamin K deficiency;Oxidative stress;Brittle bones Vitamins Vitamins and minerals Vitamins and minerals for sportsmen Vitamins C Vitamins deficiency Vitiligo Volume Vomit Von Willebrand disease Vsasculitis Vulvitida

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