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I didn’t receive a confirmation email. What now?

Each order confirmation e-mail is automatically sent from the address If you can’t find it in your Inbox, it may have wandered into Spam, Junk, Deleted Items, or the Archive. Some email domains divide their mail into different categories, such as Social Networks or Promotions, so try to look there as well.

When is the order completed?

As a rule, the order is completed after you receive its number, which will be displayed on our website together with the summary after the payment has been made. If you have chosen payment by cash on delivery or bank transfer, you will also see the necessary payment information on this page. All information is automatically sent to your e-mail.

How many pieces can be placed in the basket at most?

Depending on the type of product, a maximum of 3 or 10 items can be added to the cart.

Can I save products for later purchase?

Yes, you can easily save your favorite products to the Wishlist. Click on the heart in the product detail, it will then be added to the list of favorite pieces. You can then find and manage everything in the header of the page – just click on the heart icon.

Payment options

Why can’t I pay by card?

There can be several reasons here:

Payment limits – this is the limit that you have set with your bank. Make sure that you do not exceed the limit in terms of volume (the maximum amount allowed for one transaction), but also with regard to the number of payments (the number of transactions allowed in one day).

Incorrectly entered information – we all make mistakes from time to time, so please check that all information such as card number, expiry, CVV/CVC code and 3DS code have been entered correctly.

Closed browser – after paying for the order, please do not close the browser and wait for the confirmation of the successful payment of the order. Otherwise, the payment may not be processed.

Back button – after you have paid for your order, please do not click the back button and wait for the confirmation of successful payment of the order. Otherwise, the payment may not be processed.

Payment declined – in this case, we recommend contacting your bank, who will provide the reasoning why the payment was declined (insufficient funds, insufficient 3DS verification…)

What is 3D Secure?

The 3D Secure service is a modern online card payment method with the highest possible protection. Apozona supports this method of secure purchase, however the 3D Secure protocol may be processed differently by each bank. In most cases, you will receive a one-time password on your mobile phone. Some banks, especially foreign banks, may consider 3D Secure verification a personal security question.

Please contact your bank if you have any problems verifying your payment. Apozona, as a merchant, has no influence on payment verification.

Why didn’t I get a notification that my card failed to pay for my order?

The payment gateway always alerts you to the status of the transaction – whether the payment is successful or not. Only if you pay and then close your browser during payment verification, you will not see this notification. Please always wait for payment confirmation.

How to pay by bank transfer?

You will receive an order confirmation, including the necessary data for advance payment, by e-mail. There you will find the account number, the variable symbol and the total price of your order. In your online banking, you enter the information in the required fields and send the payment.

Purchase options

How to shop on HEALTHAPO?

There are three ways to do it!

Online – you can buy everything at the e-shop, where you can choose from more than 55,000 products from 1,150 brands.

In person – stop by any of our branches, where trained beauty consultants are waiting for you. They are always happy to help you choose cosmetics and perfumes on the spot, or assist you with taking your order.

By phone – you can also order by phone. This is where our customer center comes in.

Promotional offers and product details

How long do events last on the site?

Special offers, events and sales usually last while supplies last or are limited in time. Do you want to be the first to receive information about special offers? Register and you won’t miss a thing.

Why is there no description for some products?

We work intensively on product descriptions and try to constantly add new information. Dozens of new products are added to our website every day, so it may happen that we do not have time to complete their description. If you can’t find any information for the product you’re viewing, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you with everything.

Why does the product I received look different from the photo?

Manufacturers often innovate their products, which often entails a new design, inscription, packaging and other changes. Although we are constantly updating our site, there may be a situation where an old photo appears for an upgraded product.

I want to work with you as a blogger. Who should I contact?

Contact us at the e-mail address and our customer care colleagues will pass your e-mail into the right hands.

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